Eric Holttum Gold Medal

This Gold Medal was established in 1964 to commemorate the late Prof Eric Holttum’s contribution to orchid growing in the Southeast Asian region. The objective of the medal is to encourage and foster local hybridization programmes. It is given only to orchid breeders who are resident in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. The medal is engraved with a protrait of Prof R E Holttum. To be considered for the Gold Medal, an exhibitor shall have exhibited a local hybrid or a species in an OSSEA show or display. The plant should have been awarded a First Class Certificate (FCC) or an Award of Merit (AM) by OSSEA. Here, the definition of a local hybrid or species is a plant that has been raised from seed originated in Singapore, Malaysia or Brunei.


Year Recipient Plant
2014 Mr David Lim Den. Margaret Thatcher ‘Iron Lady’
2011 Mr Tan Chin Heong Aranda Broga Giant ‘Bright Garden’
(Aranda Pembantu farmasi x Vanda Gordon Dillon)
2006 Mr Neo Tuan Hong Den. Catherine Jane Tkatchenko
(Den Masako Taki x Den lasianthera)
1999 Mr How Wai Ron Kgw. How Yin Mun ‘Michelle’AM/OSSEA
(Ren. Tom Thumb x Ascda. Fuchs Gold)
1992 Mr Lum Hon Kgw. Christie Low, AM/OSSEA
(Ren. Nancy Chandler x Ascda. Mem. Choo Laikuen)
1987 Mr David Lim Phal. Amber Delite AM/OSSEA
(Phal. amboinensis x Phal. Teoh Tee Teong)
1977 Syed Yusof Alsagoff Aranda Ang Hee Seng ‘Maryland Nursery’ AM/OSSEA
(Aranda Maroon Maggie x V. Dawn Nishimura)
1975 Mr How Yee Peng Aranda How Yee Peng ‘Wei Beng’ AM/OSSEA
(Aranda Tay Theng Suan x V. Dawn Nishimura)
1974 Mr Lai Ah Weng Ascda. Buddy Choo ‘Teck Chin’ AM/OSSEA
(Ascda. Yup Sum Wah x V. sanderiana)
1973 Mr Chan Swie Ying Rnst. Azimah ‘Teo Choo Hong’ AM/OSSEA
(Ren. Nancy Chandler x Rhy. gigantea)
1972 Mr Loi Teck Foo Den. Ho King ‘River King’ AM/OSSEA
(Den. Indonesia x Den. taurinum)
1970 Mr Robert Corbett Phal. Valentinii ‘Nellie Corbett’ AM/OSSEA
(Phal. violacea x Phal. cornu-cervi)
1969 Mr Tan Nai Hee Den. Tan Nai Hee ‘ Tentram’ AM/OSSEA
(Den. Bea Kathleen x Den. Margie Thomas) 
1968 Mr Wong Leong Fatt Aranda Christine ‘Pang Gan’ AM/OSSEA
(Arach. Hookerana x V. Hilo Blue)
1967 Mr Wong Leong Fatt Aranda Hee Nui ‘Khoo’ AM/OSSEA
(Arach. Ishbel x V. Eisenhower)
1966 Mr Lee Kim Hong Rntda. Welcome Glow ‘Mandai’ AM/OSSEA
(V. insignis x Ren. coccinea)
1965 Mr A J Braga Den. Peggy Shaw ‘Dolores Jansen’ AM/AOS
(Den. Lava x Den. Lim Chong Min)
1964 Mr Chia Kay Heng Rntda. Charlie Mason ‘Seng Heng’ AM/MOS
(V. T.M.A. x Ren. storei)


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