General Committee

Patron: President Halimah Yacob
The President of the Republic of Singapore
President: K Gopalan
Immediate Past President: Peggy Tan
1st Vice President: Dave Yeo
2nd Vice President: Sean Williamson
3rd Vice President: Russell Tan
Hon. Treasurer: Koh Yau Chai
Hon. Secretary: Goh Teck Wah
Hon. Asst. Secretary: Shermela Appan
Committee Members:
  • Svetlana Mogilevtceva
  • Nicholas Chua
  • Emrys Chew
  • Tan Lye Hua
  • Sally Koh
  • Suzane Khor
  • Ling Kam Kong
  • Gwen Ng
  • Paul Chong (Co-opted)
  • Sudha Nair (Co-opted)
  • Elly Yong (Co-opted)
  • Lim Chiauw (Co-opted)
  • Jerome Teo (Co-opted)
  • Wong Siew Hong (Co-opted)
Office Secretariat: Lim Guat Bee


We welcome and include members with a wide range of orchid growing knowledge & experience. Members range from beginners to expert, professional growers.

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