Singapore Orchid Ball

  • Russell Tan
  • July 25, 2018
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Hark back to an era of glam, glitz, prestige, boutonnieres, and the orchids that accompany them.

The Singapore Orchid Ball organized by OSSEA is back, and stronger than ever, a celebration of our 90th Anniversary. We’ve come a long way!

The soiree will be held at Tower Ballroom, in the Shangri-La Hotel, on the 28th of September, at 7:15 pm, with Minister Desmond Lee as our Guest-of-Honour. Attached is the President’s invitation letter

The Orchid Ball is an important fund-raising event for OSSEA. Support us by buying a table or making single seat reservations – click on the link for: the reservation form.

Why does OSSEA need to raise funds? 

OSSEA’s Mission is to promote the study, conservation, breeding and growing of orchids. We support hobbyists, scientists and commercial growers, as well as government efforts to promote the Garden in a City concept incorporating a holistic eco-system where indigenous flora can thrive in an urban environment.

We need to fundraise constantly because we have several areas that require regular financial support, and members’ subscriptions and sale of plants are always insufficient to meet our costs.

These areas comprise:

Orchid Garden in HortPark

This is OSSEA’s sole Showpiece, and now measures about 100 sqm, and will soon be increased. Though we don’t have to pay rent, and all labour are freely provided by volunteers, there are substantial maintenance costs, including purchase of fertilizer, insecticides and fungicides for growth and pest management. Other costs are related to infrastructure such as landscaping and replacement of plants.  The Garden is a valuable public place where VIP visitors come to admire Singapore’s national flower Vanda Miss Joaqium and other heritage plants growing in situ. It is also useful as a hands-on training ground for beginners.

Out-Reach Programmes 

OSSEA members give talks and demonstrations on repotting/reflasking, at various public locations, at the invitation of our host providers, as well as to assist NParks in promoting forthcoming shows, and other orchid-related events. Costs are incurred in preparation of talk material as well as transport and other incidentals.

Participation at Local Orchid Shows

As co-organising partners with NParks and Gardens By The Bay, expenses can range from part-time secretarial costs to setting up the competition plant registration system, loan of computers/printers, landscape set-up, information desk material, signages, etc.

Participation at Overseas Shows

OSSEA is regularly invited to take part in well-known shows overseas, and requires funds for transport, communications, purchase of plants/cutflowers, accommodation, meals, etc. Though some of these costs are often met by respective host countries, OSSEA still needs to fund such activities which are important to our standing in the global orchid community.

Maintenance of Website and other Social Media

These provide a wealth of tips and event information besides hosting an effective forum for the sharing of experiences and opinions. Set-up and maintenance costs are incurred. 

Building up a Resource Library

Over our 90 years as a Society we have built up a substantial library of books, journals, CDs and other resource-related material for the benefit of members and botanists. Regular funds are required for the purchase and maintenance of such resources.

Publishing of Bulletins, Journals and Books

Unless help is available from sponsors, costs are incurred in the assembly, design & printing of these publications, some of which are regular editions. Though advertising support is essential, quite often they are not enough to meet all expenses.

Thank you for all your support!

Contact Person: Peggy Tan (Immediate Past President) via Lim Guat Bee (


Did You Know?


The Fellowship of OSSEA is the most prestigious award bestowed by the Orchid Society of South East Asia. It is presented to individuals who have made important and visible contributions in the field of Orchidology.

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