OSSEA Sales Table

  • Russell Tan
  • June 05, 2018
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Dear Members,

To encourage plant exchanges amongst members and a thriving plant market, we have introduced the OSSEA Sales Table! We first premiered it to great interest during the last meeting on the 3rd of June, 2018, and we now have very many members asking about the details of the Sales Table.

As such, OSSEA will be implementing the Sales Table as one of the mainstays of our monthly meeting activities! You can now bring your own plants to sell to other members, knowing that your plants are going to the hands of people who treasure them and will take good care of them, all while supporting your society, with a small cut of the proceeds going to OSSEA!

One man’s barrel is another man’s shield, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Don’t throw your old plants out; sell them to other members at the next meeting! 

Do also note that the commission structure is designed such that it encourages plants to be priced cheaply; to encourage a friendly atmosphere of exchange!

For more questions, you can drop OSSEA’s Facebook page a message and our friendly administrators will be happy to address your concerns.

The commission structure is attached here.


Did You Know?


The Fellowship of OSSEA is the most prestigious award bestowed by the Orchid Society of South East Asia. It is presented to individuals who have made important and visible contributions in the field of Orchidology.

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